..bagaimana dgn keadaan anak saya tuan doktor…

.. that’s a pretty standard script you will hear in any local drama when a man, after receiving an unexpected phone call in his office, rushes to a doctor to find out about his child condition …

Do we even call a doctor “tuan doctor” nowadays…

In The Star today, I read that Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk M. Saravanan caught two doctors at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) emergency department doing their own thing instead of attending to patients waiting for treatment.

Now If I don’t know the paper, I would have thought that The Star is somekind of entertainment tabloids writing a review on some new released drama story line!

Coz if you read, it does sound like one of those boring Spektra Perdana drama plot shown on TV every day right on maghrib time.

Anyway, hear this..

So the dude was pissed, because he was no some beer-guts lorry drivers, he was a Deputy Minister! The dude was there with the rest of the patients and none of the patients was called in for treatment.

He stormed in the docs room only to find two young docs fucking around reading newspaper! (no, I don’t think he kicked the door open as what you would imagine seeing in any bollywood movie, he probably knocked on the door and opened it).

And this was supposed to be an emergency unit!

And here comes the director of the hospital with her “over-defensive” investigation findings..

Hospital’s investigation showed that there were only eight patients and 20 relatives waiting for treatment and that none of the patients were in pain. She further added that reading a newspaper in the doctor’s room should not be interpreted as a sign of irresponsibility and said that doctors are human too.

Oh ok, now we all get it. It is an emergency unit alright but if nobody is in howling pain, no blood is oozing out all over the ceiling and the fact that doctors are human – so chill out you people, give them a break.

Being over defensive just make you lose your sense doc…


~ by pickholes on April 27, 2009.

One Response to “..bagaimana dgn keadaan anak saya tuan doktor…”

  1. wasted, it would be better if its the deputy prime minister.

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