Penceraian artis melayu

I like Wednesday.

Wednesday is the day the cleaning lady comes to clean my apartment, wash and iron my clothes – and that’s the only reason, nothing else.

Coming home after long hours at office to a spanking clean apartment is like my once-a-week orgasm. It just feels so good……arrghhhh…

Yesterday I read about anak pakcik Karman court case, it was something on hak penjagaan anak dan tuntutan perbelanjaan bulanan and shit like that from her ex husband of 61 pruned-faced years old datuk!

Pix showed her cried too!

When I read, well I don’t know what was actually on these people minds. The laughable stupidity of this pruned faced datuk for whatever that made him think that he would be happily married to this bimbo is one thing, but spending more and more money on her even after knowing that this bimbo was screwing around behind his back is just way out of my sanity.

And now the bitch is going to court asking for more! One word for that … whore!

No seriously, if you read some of the high profile divorce cases of our local bimbo artists, you’d see the ludicrous amount that they are asking – for house, car, kids, maid, perlancongan tahunan and all that shits…

It makes me wonder just what click these bimbos heads to think that life could be that simple – get marry to some old wanker, screw around, get divorce and you’ll be bahagia for the rest of your slutty life. This aint no fucking Hollywood you slut!

I hope one day there will be a law for a person to be an artist, he or she must have a doctorate degree, so at least when an artist talks, it make simple sense.


~ by pickholes on April 29, 2009.

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