Professional Ulama for top posts

PAS spiritual leader stressed that only professional ulama should be qualified for the party’s top posts. He realized the fact that unlike in the early years, now many ulama were highly educated, knowledgeable in Islam and most of them were professionals.

At least the old man understands this fact.

I doubt our grand old party would ever realize this. The appointment of its executive secretary recently was just another suggestion indicating just how it works in there.

The guy is one hell of an ass kisser, believe me, I know the dude. If there is one word to define all of these despicable traits – ultimate ass-licking bastard, egoistic, narcissistic bloody boaster, it is his name alright.

In an interview with The Star, the douchebag said that he would introduce a work culture that is more open for the benefit of the members and the party. He said Umno needs the best treatment to become strong again and it needs to shed its image as an exclusive party.

Nice try dude. Fact is in UMNO, no new faces (even professionals) will be able to even open their mouths before some old cocks shut them up.


~ by pickholes on May 4, 2009.

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