Advisory role

In any discussion, the last thing that we need is an advisor. Normally, advisor gives an advice but hold no accountability.

Pak Lah the MAS Advisor.

Ok la, whatever.

But seriously though, they should just quit this drift of being nice to all these exPMs by putting them here and there as advisors. If they have to continue with this crap, soon they would be obliged to create advisory posts for all the exs – Prime Ministers, Presidents, Governors or even some of the ex ministers.

You can be nice to them, but creating an advisory post costs us.

And we damn well know what these advisors do…nothing. Do you seriously think the board of MAS is going to listen to our ex PM?

On another issue, I read in The Star today about the cost of a by election. I didn’t know that a by-election could easily cost RM20 million! That what was said by our Home Minister as reported in The Star today. Fuck me…20 million?

Either the government is too retard for spending such an amount for a by-election or the dude was trying to fool us into the idea of giving a walkover at Penanti (and possible Kota Alam Shah)

Oh yeah, on Kota Alam Shah, our ‘stone-faced’ DPM has said the MP should not use his detention under the ISA as a reason to quit, coz he has won the election and he has to work despite being under detention.

Wow…. that was smart. I think the dude was really stoned…

On Maths and Science issue, he needs more info before making the final decision.

The dude was sure under an influence of some illegal substance, after all these years of discussion, forums, researches and whatnot by the ministry with universities, representatives from associations and organisations, professional bodies, corporate, community leaders, parent-teacher associations, students, teachers and lecturers and politicians………and yet he needs more info.

Potential candidate for Maths and Science advisor.


~ by pickholes on May 6, 2009.

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