Sunny days ahead

They actually dragged him out of his seat? My my…

That was one hell of a picture I saw of what happened in the state assembly yesterday. Pissed me right off that I thought I’d better not to even think about it at all.

Over to a more pleasant thing now.

First, the weather here is going to be sunny for the next three days. Yes!

And golf.

No, there is no golf life here for me. But for some reasons, the thought of it was non-stop whizzing in me the whole evening yesterday. I didn’t know why, may be because of the sunny bright weather that we had here yesterday.

So, I have set that the first thing that I will do when I get back for good is to reactivate my membership and start hitting the ball.

Truth is, I am NOT at all good at golf or for that matter at any sport. But hey golf is not all about sport ok.

And, I have another two weeks before my break …….. YES!


~ by pickholes on May 8, 2009.

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  1. Pls join me in wishing my beloved wife ( Happy Birthday :

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