Suda order ka incik…


…suda order ka incik…??
Sudah…hey berapa kali mau tanya hah??

To me, roti canai is roti canai wherever you go, but one reason why I like to frequent mamak restaurants is because of their super efficient service.

The second you sit, at least three very well uniformed ‘expats’ will jump at you asking what you would like to have (not to mention the frequent check-on-you as whether you have placed your order or not).

I am sure you have been to a restaurant where you have to practically beg the worker to come to take your order…

Now I read the Malaysian Indian Restaurant Owners’ Association (Primas) and the Malaysian Muslim Restaurant Owners’ Association (Presma) are embarking on a “Train and Place” program.

It is a three month course and targeted at local youths in a bid to reduce the dependence on foreign workers. Human Resources Ministry will sponsor the participant’s tuition fee. Graduates will be placed at restaurant immediately after completing the course.

Well don’t get me wrong here, I am not looking down at restaurant workers or anything like that but I think we should just leave the job to our truly and faithfully committed foreign workers. Like I said they are just too damn good at that. They jump right in front of your table at the very slightest movement of your hand…ya mau kira ka incik…. even when you are actually just scracthing your head..imagine…

Now that’s something you cannot train the local to do at any mamak restaurant, though surprisingly they can do it very well at any five-star hotel.

The ministry could channel the fund to sponsor our youth to enroll in other low to medium skill courses like those offered in IKM.


~ by pickholes on May 14, 2009.

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