Rama rama dalam perut..

A week to go, I am all ape-excited (ada rama rama dalam perut as I am writing this…….)!!!

I literally counted the numbers of days left when I did my grocery yesterday – how many eggs to buy, how much veggie, cans of tuna and just about how many this-and-that should I buy just to make sure nothing goes wasted.

Work at office is on its peak, it just happens. I submitted my leave form this morning, but as I am writing this post the form is still laying on my boss table intact! If it doesn’t shit me would at least cause me a bit worry about the possibility of my boss coming to me later of the day requesting me to consider rescheduling my leave.

Recently, there had been a number of cases where some of us were requested to adjust our leave schedule to accommodate work requirement.

My colleague who was supposed to leave this weekend together with me left last weekend for this reason. I’d be damned if that would happen to me!

And today, my gym membership has expired. I didn’t notice it until that sweet sexy lady manning the counter told me when I was there returning the towel. I asked about a monthly extension, but dang.. the club goes on either daily or annually.

So, I thought of going on a daily-pay basis until she told me how much it was. As much as the cost of my weekly grocery….that was just too ridiculous.

Oh well, just next to my apartment, there is another rundown gym situated at the basement of the building. This is a real hard core gym I guess. I have seen the place, it is a total wrecked alright with a single shower cabin and no more than 4 lockers. Machines and equipment are not as modern as what you would see at tru fitness or celebrity fitness or any gayish gym back home, but they seem to have everything though.

But what the heck, I will try to check this place out again tomorrow.


~ by pickholes on May 18, 2009.

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