hey i am writing..

hey I am writing… (that only means I am back and miserable..)

frankly… I’d rather be anywhere else except here – that’s what I feel right at this moment.

My flight arrived on time. Now that was really something! THIS airline can actually be on-time, all along I thought being on schedule was never in the list of their nicely framed mission and vision statement – just something impossible for them as if asking them to give away free tickets for a year.

But they did it this time…. I am impressed, I’d anytime vote them for an airline-of-the-year award for this very rare achievement, no seriously.

So I thought of having a good sleep before going back to work.

But the dude that picked me up last night decided to play some matrix-slow-mode-bullet-evasion-take by driving 20km an hour from the airport all the way to my apartment. Pissed me right off. Not only that, his every five second yawning after yawning while driving with sound effects that made all hair on my body stood just irritated the living shit out of me. Ho boy…

Unpacked my stuff and could only be in bed at around 3.30am.

Cant believe I am here, already.


~ by pickholes on June 18, 2009.

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