…here we go

I think I have fully recovered from the post-holiday syndrome – the shitty feeling that normally take me days if not weeks to recover.

Well, I am all set to kick ass now.

Yesterday afternoon, I sorted out my gym membership. No, not the old shitty one but the nicer one. The one that I had been going before the club told me that my membership was up and I needed to sign up for a one year renewal.

There is no provision for a monthly or quarterly renewal for whatever reasons only god knows, but I am glad that I managed to sign up for a two months membership. My two colleagues (who are members there too) helped me to negotiate for the 2-month deal but the rate was however not anywhere close to a pro-rata rate of a one year membership.

Well, I don’t have a choice.

So, it’s Saturday today, a long day but at least a peaceful one for me. The day I can sit back and relax – no eyes-on-screen-and-fingers-on-keyboard position. The client is not working on Saturday, so its kinda lay back or youtubing day.

Will do some groceries tomorrow to fill up the fridge.

The weather is beautiful………


~ by pickholes on June 20, 2009.

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