Hari Bapa

A day could be soooo loooong when you have nothing, practically not a thing, to do.

Yup, didn’t do much yesterday other sittin’ on my ass browsing the internet and watching tv the whole day, up to a point where I got all dizzy and shit whenever I stood up to go to the toilet to pee.

Received Fathers Day wishes from all my children, and of course with all the wonderful words. Well, I am not good and miles from being a perfect father, it is just them that have grown up to such wonderful children. Overly gedik whenever they are together, but they are just so so sweet….

I bought one lousy cheapo MP3 when I was home, and asked missus to load whatever songs that she has in hers. So this morning, I was busy rearranging all the songs (and what is Siti doing in my MP3 ??? – sorry I deleted all Siti’s – could not stand her voice for some reasons..). It is all set now and I have it on while typing this and acting seriously serious!


~ by pickholes on June 22, 2009.

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