Look ma…. no mood !!

I am bored to death, no shit. It has been a week, and I am just too dog-lazy to do just about anything around here.

Too lazy to even cook, what more to haul my ass to work every single day.

…. and with seven weeks to go…sigh.

Work is getting less and less interesting especially when everything has been all nicely tucked in.

Probably it is just me that can’t hold on to a job longer than 2 years, or may be, I am not totally up to gear yet, well.. I don’t know, but damn, I am bored.

At home the H1N1 pandemic is hitting 68 cases – quiet scary, but I read most of the cases have so far proven to be mild unlike the deadly Spanish Flu pandemic. But still, I am worry about my children. I can’t keep them home or refraining them from going out. In fact, my eldest is traveling to Melbourne today, I told her to avoid crowded place and keep on masked.

Semoga Allah selamatkan semua ahli keluarga…


~ by pickholes on June 24, 2009.

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