He bleached, but he didn’t care whether you’re black or white

So the king of pop has gone popping…

Early this morning, missus sent an SMS “Michael Jackson is dead”. That was sad, hope he would be able to entertain the crowd at wherever his soul would end up in.

Anyway, over to my more ‘interesting’ life now.

Interesting – yeah right!

Yesterday I started to realize just how much walking I am doing here. If back home, the most high intensity walking that I’ve ever done was when I had to rush to the toilet, over here, I walk to office, to the gym, to the grocery (and that’s with loads of groceries), well, practically I walk all the time.

With all the walkings done in a day, no wonder, I can sleep like a baby here. As far as I can remember, I’ve never had a day tossing and turning in bed to sleep.

And that explains something too. Insomnia – those who have this, instead of popping pills like what our king of pop had been doing till he drop dead, could very well try to go down on extra physical activities. I mean, real physical, not that involuntary ass-jiggling while walking because of your excess fatass – that doesn’t count though.

Lacking of this could only signal the body that it does not need no fucking rest yet, and hence difficulty to fall asleep.

Farewell to our beloved king of pop…

Here is something for MJ fans out there, utk mengubat rindu.


~ by pickholes on June 26, 2009.

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