Cari Kerja daaa

Muka tak laku kot..

Yesterday, a reply came from the company that I went for an interview the other day, oh well – they don’t like my face. This is the second one, the first one hated me too.

I kinda expected that finding a job back home was not going to be an easy affair.

I am still trying, may be one or two out there will find me charming.

Or else, I am just gonna come home unemployed and start looking for a job after eid. I guess being there could probably be much easier. I guess.

Tomorrow is Sunday, great, another day of doing absolutely nothing.


~ by pickholes on June 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “Cari Kerja daaa”

  1. Retire aje lah. Akupun ingat nak retire and spend time with the kids.

  2. adu du du jep, tak dapek den do, nak makan apo …

  3. insyaallah ada rezeki tu…

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