Yamaha R6

And here is Yamaha R6.


Not bad huh.

Yesterday, I spent the rest of my evening browsing for information about these two bikes. Quite interesting and from what I’ve gathered, R6 and CBR6RR are quite comparable in term of look and performance. Both makes have the 2009 models that come in various neo (neo?? is there such a word??) colors.

The other two top contenders in the same class are Suzuki GSXR and Kawasaki.

Seriously, that was like hours and hours spent on this shit – right to my bed time! I dig on all information right from the specs, the models, the road test and handling information, the model evolution over the past 5 years, the various soprtbikes forums and … oh man, just about every damn things – I could even write a thesis on this shit!


~ by pickholes on July 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “Yamaha R6”

  1. I love the Yamaha R6! Going to change the exhaust on my 06 tomorrow. 🙂

  2. This R6 is truly a great bike to own. Unfortunately I’m not that tall for it. Just got my zx6r last week… And i luv it

  3. yamaha rxz catalyzer pn dh cukup lah…..

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