Interesting Sunday..

Yeah right…

Yesterday I slept and slept aannnd slept. I woke up early though, but just to have my cuppa and ciggie and for a particular reason, I went back to sleep and didn’t feel like getting up until much much muuuuccchhh later. I didn’t even have my lunch.

And that was not me at all!

I learned that our fates have little to do with what we want or don’t want. I know that all too well. Ok…lets forget that!

I am an early riser type of person. Or at least that’s what I think I am based on what I read. Its not that you can choose which type but this is just one of those personality traits that psychologists or wicked people of that kinds came up with.

Or could it be due to the manner I was brought up. I let my kid wake up late on weekends, kesian. But unlike me, my parents never let us kids wake up late even on weekends. The ‘order’ for us to get up was always come in pair “bangun” and “kemas katil”.

Anyhoo… I like to wake up early every morning, even on weekends. The earlier the better, I just love it especially on weekends. I love that hour before most of the world wakes. The world seems still and silent and I feel like I am the only one in it. It means I have the peace and quiet of absolute privacy.

At any hour of the day, you can never get this opportunity.

P/s : Oohh, this is so sweet, my princess wrote me poem, thanks sweetie, you make my monday morning!


~ by pickholes on July 13, 2009.

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