Al Kisah Di Manik Urai

Tiga anngota puteri UMNO cedera di baling batu.

Laaaa…dulu kena raba, hari tu orang tunjuk kote, hari ni orang baling batu pulak. Tu la, yang pi gatai sangat jalan sana buat pa? Kalau dah berparut nanti, siapa la nak masuk meminang….

Are there studies done out there attesting that the presence of these puteri gedik really make a difference in poll outcome. No, seriously, I need to know.

Will any sucker, all of a sudden, changes his mind at the ballot box whenever he sees a band of pinkies marching and parading around town. You know, like in certain part of Africa, they can actually hypnotize you by having couple of bigass mommas jiggling their bigass hysterically in front of you!!

O well, the next time around, I’d suggest these girls in pink to just stay home. Cuz, this pageants procession is either jamming the place or getting themselves into trouble whenever they are there.


~ by pickholes on July 15, 2009.

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