Rambo 1, II, III, IV and V are all about Stallone and the North Vietnamese

I wish the mainstream media can just skip reporting the details on sodomy 2.

Save all these great length elaborations, you know why… coz I don’t think we people really enjoy reading all the technicality mumbo jumbos, like the question of ‘admissibility and substantive evidence with pre-trial discovery’ – what the fuck was that anyway!

C’mon …  I mean we have all seen Sodomy 1 blockbuster. I bet most of us can pretty much memorize the story line quite well, right from the scripts, the actions, the stunts and the acrobatics shown in there. I think knowing the sub standard level of creativity of our local directors and producers, I reckon that the second installment storyline will not go far off from Sodomy 1.

Heck … even some of the actors are of the same people (only getting older)!

All these detailed MSM reporting will only make us more convince to believe that indeed everything has all been well set up with the bottom line ends with the accused guilty as charged.

I am not one bit interested in reading or even ‘twitter’ing what’s going on there… just wake me up when you guys are done!


~ by pickholes on July 16, 2009.

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