Nordin Top is a Malaysian alright

Yes, I am a Malaysian and No, I don’t know Mr Top who blew up the fucking hotel in Indon ok. Let say we have a population of like 27 million ??

What is wrong with these people this morning?

For fuck sake, you people don’t even have to tell me that the JI bastard who blew up the hotel is Malaysian. Sick people can be of any nationality, but you don’t go around first thing in the morning telling or asking people with the same nationality as to whether he/she knows that he is your countryman and whether he/she knows the sicko.

If one more moron cames to me asking me this same stupid question or telling me that the guy is Malaysian, hoo boy…. that poor fucker will get a good one from me, I swear.


~ by pickholes on July 20, 2009.

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