Anu dalam botol

The government has recently issued a new ruling to ban scenes showing transvestites, gay, illegal racing and Mat Rempit in local television and film productions.

And of course la kan, our Joj Lucas, Stepan Spielberg and the like are now upset with the new ruling as they have spent ringgits and ringgits on their films and it would cost them sens and sens having to re-do to comply.

But I’d say, bagus ah… it is about time, especially with more and more scenes of nyah seen in local tv and film productions of late. Sick of that shit!

I don’t know why but I am sure that our stepan spielberg, lacking of real talents, thinks that the whole idea of getting a man dressed and acted nyah would be damn humorous. It is either that or they have to get the actors to act retardedly stupid just so that it has a touch of comedy in it.

I am sure you’ve heard of a film in the making called Anu Dalam Botol ? – just to borrow words of our NTV7’s Wan Kamarudin “Ape ke Jadah nya tajuk filem cam tu??

OK, heres another good read on a malay daily today, I read one headline in Hiburan section that go “Rabecca berani dan telus”.

Laaa aku ingatkan berani berjuang demi negara ke, ugama ke…, ropanya, Rabecca Nur Al Islam ni (yup that’s her real name) berani dengan penampilan berpakaian seksi pada setiap kemunculan sama ada hanya untuk bersantai hujung minggu atau berpergian ke majlis.

Hampeh… I am sure we are all proud of your ‘keberanian waja tu” Rabecca. No, I’m serious though, we are so proud of you Rabecca.


~ by pickholes on July 21, 2009.

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