What justice ?

To believe in justice is as good as to believe in Santa Clause nowadays.

People are pissed. They are even more upset now when they knew that the “find the truth” promise made by the PM is nothing but a mere effort just to be seen as doing something rather than wanting to seek the real truth behind the death of that poor young dude.

I am not gonna spoil my many days alone here, cuz the more I read about this, the upset I could become.

So that’s it, anything on this, I will skip from now on.

Like I said before, just wake me up when all are nicely done (top with icing and cherry).

Justice is a rare commodity nowadays, not only here but everywhere.

But, here is one of those rare occasions where justice is well served. Read here “Snatch-theft brothers die in bid to escape.”

Two lowlife brothers on a bike, snatched a handbag and in a bid to escape when they were chased by the victim, hit a taxi and dropped dead.

Now if that is not justice, I don’t what is. What a happy ending, I am sure we all feel good.


~ by pickholes on July 24, 2009.

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