Syurga Cinta

That is it folks!

With the passing of our very talented producer, director and film maker Yasmin Ahmad, I’d say that’s the end of our local film making industry (well… unless you take Syurga Dunia by Mat Ideram or Sembilu by Usop Selam as films)

Every single ads by her never fail to touch my soft spot. I have not seen any of her film though but from what I read, her films are quite commendable. Critics often relate the very essence of her films that reflect reality – life that we really live in.

Unlike others … (bagaimana keadaan anak saya tuan doktor..?)

Just yesterday, my daughter asked me to check on one local movie “Syurga Cinta” on youtube. She said lawak giler, I have to watch it.

Ok they’re saying curiosity kills the cat, so I watched.

4-5 minutes into part 1of 9, and I’ve had enough of it. Yes it was damn hilariously stupid to me (not meant to be funny though). If only I could speak directly to the director, Mat Ideram.

Mat Ideram is a braindead. Bet my balls on a chopping block that he didn’t run even a simple one-page research before directing the film.

The movie was about this character who spent years and years in London (london saje..) and was then back in Malaysia. Anak orang kaya raya – house with a swimming pool and daddy just gave him a sports car as a present – yup we got the point there, swimming pool, sports car – ok these could only mean rich rich in our film. Daddy pun pakai kot dalam rumah..

I am not sure how long he had stayed in London, but with every sentence spoken by this London-boy character that ended with ‘izzit’, ‘lah’ and ‘hah’, my best guess would be no longer than 6 months, max. But the character was so so unreal, not only that he hated the hot weather here, but detested seeing our local chicks wearing tudung in such weather. I mean, c’mon, we have thousands of students studying overseas, yang perempuan pun 99% bertudung kat sana. And all these stupid acts like sitting-on-a-chair-with-legs-on-the-table kinda thing.

London tang mana la agaknya dia duduk. Mana ada budak budak kita lagu tu la ni…..


~ by pickholes on July 28, 2009.

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