We need to keep the ISA

If it is too much trouble with the rallies and the threat by police, the GMI and the PEWARIS, NGOs and all, for fook sake, just keep ISA (and keep abusing the act too).

Just keep it (and continue abusing it too) – don’t bother to even modify the act.

It will be fun, think about it.

A two party system is taking shape now. And with what we have sitting in gomen now, swallow my words that in no time, the country will soon have quite a balance two-party system.

Imagine when the government changes hand – would it be so much fun then to have ISA (or rather an abused one).

I am sure we’ve seen how the Selangor Speaker kicked the tempe-man ass, and how tempe man bitchin’ that the suspension was all about revenge and shit. Cuz the speaker dude was once suspended too when tempe man was the MB years ago.

Now, that’s the kinda fun I am taking about.


~ by pickholes on August 1, 2009.

One Response to “We need to keep the ISA”

  1. really agree..ISA should be keep..

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