ok here goes..

coz I didn’t feel like writing (or rather bitchin’).. that’s why.

But today, the mood is back, in fact I could not wait and my middle fingers are raring to hit the keyboard to bitch about things around me.

First off, with a little less than 10 days to spend entertaining people at work here, all of a fucking sudden I am bombarded with extra load of this and that. No high-profiled tasks or shit like that though but with kuli cabuk grunt works – the kind that boil you from inside-out when you read the instruction email from your boss. They all came at the same time as if their life will be stalled without me. But me, I am a damn good hypocrite employee (no, make that pretender, sounds better). I am all smile and nice to my boss (close to licking his balls if I have to..).

And there are meetings too, ho boy, here meeting can only mean sitting on your ass in a room for hours and hours (… and hours) understanding barely half of what is being discussed. One group speaks venus and another speaks mars, and there could be another that speak only jupiters. With frequent intermittent allowing translator to translate, a 5 minute discussion could drag to a few hours, I swear. So yesterday I was in the meeting and may be the whole day today too, I’ll see.

The gym this week, or at least for the past four days, was full of people who were there doing aerobic, yoga and all that humming crap. No problem with that though, the more chicks in tight-suits the merrier, but they were there right at the same time as I was (lunch hour). So with the limited space and time, and the piece-poor ventilation, I can hardly  breath or move around to complete my routines. Pissed me right off.

So there…


~ by pickholes on August 7, 2009.

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