BN to win Selangor

PM wants Selangor back to the Barisan Nasional fold, I read.

Yes, I hope so.

I hate to say this though, what more to imagine the most corrupt (and arrogant as hell) person like Selangor exMB sitting on the ruling seats in State assembly, but if you just look at the PR circus acts of late, I’ would rather have Selangor settling down with the ruling coalition by the next general election.

There are few MPs that I admire, like Puchong. The dude is smart. But the rest, hampeh, cakap omputeh pelat, cakap melayu lagi pelat. They are mostly immature and inexperienced. Harap tulis blog berapi api but senyap dalam parliament.

Do you realize that these people and their supporters are even thousand times more racists… yeah like its going to really help with their own aspiration of Malaysian Malaysia, I’d say hell no !!

Good thing about a two-party system, we are really the boss here. Kick stupid MPs out the next time around !


~ by pickholes on August 10, 2009.

One Response to “BN to win Selangor”

  1. please give me solan upsr

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