At home and loving it!

I am home, and loving it!

Ok first thing first.

The first thing I did was finding a nice spot at home for me to do my business – my laptop and stuff. Checked, found the spot! 

Second, checked out the gym where missus frequents. And checked that too.

So this morning, we went to the gym, and ho boy, was I so so jakun or what. The place was rock – lavish, clean with range of complete equipment. And the lockers – seriously you can sleep in it!

My exboss called me last night, checking on me whether I wanted to spend my free time doing something, but with a clear-cut note from him that “no high expectation please”. Well, I said why not.

So I’m seeing him later today.


~ by pickholes on August 18, 2009.

4 Responses to “At home and loving it!”

  1. ooo…dah balik ke…welcome home bro

  2. Welcome back, bro….!

  3. haaa… tu dea… dah balik pun…. dah dapek kojo pun dah… hope to see u today bro…

  4. Welcome home brader! all the best in yr new undertaking.

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