Ramadan Kareem

And here is Ramadan.

Like most would say, time really fly.

To me, it is either that or we are just getting older and too seasoned with months in and months out that we feel that way.

Anyway, wishing Ramadan Kareem to all bros and sis. We sure know exactly how to achieve our goal, or learn how to build our inner strength during this time.

Anyway, I was in KL yesterday. The whole day- no, not exactly the whole day though, I’d figure 50% of that was in fact spent in our tolled fucked-up traffic system – just can’t believe how terribly bad the traffic was.

Getting my things done and later that day, caught up with old buddies for the usual whats-up-with-you kinda updates. Great to hear from them.

Ucup, Laer, Khalil – thanks for the homecoming wish.


~ by pickholes on August 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ramadan Kareem”

  1. welcome home….selamat berpuasa..meet u in kl soon. Will be back for eid on 17. Stay 2 nights and then to miri. Insyallah, will call u when we arrive

  2. wahh.. tak sangka kau update blog, once u are home. Keep it up bro! Love to read your swearing and “komen2 ganaz” about things around us, esp. politics.. hehehe..

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