Mentally-challenged cow-head protester

The police didn’t take any action on those cow-head protesters as they didn’t want to create further tension.

I might be in a state of nicotine deficiency, but I am sure I can still think straight. As far as I could remember, our police never gives a flying fuck to what the people feel when it comes to things they do that could be construed as stirring racial tension.

Pelik, seriously. On one hand, there is a clear message from the top of our dire need of racial tolerance but from the other hand, we have groups, persatuans, government controlled media, cock-sucking orgy and whatnot that preach non other than hatred among us people.

As you can see now, it seems one race is about ready to declare a war again another race.

I sometime wonder whether our leaders are deadserious about getting the people integrated. I blame our leaders for all screwed ups. No shit, they are responsible to walk the talk.

We people should follow this issue. If no action is taken on these mentally challenged idiots or if the issue is instead politicized, we can just take it that our leaders are not at all serious about the 1Ass shit that they are preaching. For that, we should all know what to do in the next GE.


~ by pickholes on August 30, 2009.

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