I’m tellin’ ya, my woman is no ordinary

Today is missus birthday.

Well, I‘m not gonna write all these lovey-dovey- mushy-mellow wishes this time. Those typical lines you read on Memory Lanes cards will only make me sound like a fake romeo or a pimp.

In fact when I was looking for a card yesterday, I was trying to look for something different. Something that at least doesn’t have this “you’re-a-special-person-in-my-heart” kinda of wishes, but alas, I have to surrender to reality of life (or rather Memory Lane Reality of Life). There was no such thing. I guess woman love man to act romeoish.

I chose a card with that kinda of wishes after much flipping one card after another and messed up the whole rack.

Anyway, the card is something else, but here is what really come from me.

My woman is one heck of a woman, I’d say hardly one in a million creatures (so scarce but fortunately she doesn’t come slimy or in green color, in fact a very colorful, beautiful and huggable being).

Though our previous life-paths were going almost in all directions with no particular predictable pattern, I am so much thankful to God for somehow or rather got ours crossed at one point of time.

My woman is one special person, to me and as far as I noticed, to those who know her as well. I pray that she will be continuously blessed with a good iman, sugar coated heart, and excellent health.

Dear sweetie pie, happy birthday to you. We all love you so much.


~ by pickholes on September 3, 2009.

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