Motley Crue – The Animal in Me

They say there is an animal instinct in every man. Well, I will have to believe in that.

You know how bears hibernating for months in a year just to escape the brutally cold winter. We learned that hibernation conserves energy by slowing down the metabolism rate.

I am hybernating this month.

So that’s the animal in me! Nothin sexual.

My eyes – they are just so so heavy during the day. A period of inactivity of no more than 5 minutes will knock me off asleep anytime, just like that! Kinda like a screen-saver, only it doesn’t wake as easy as touching the mouse of your PC.

I swear, I fall asleep just like that – while watching TV, while waiting for the kids from school, while waiting for missus to come out doing grocery, sometime while missus is talking to me…well.. like I said just about anytime.

Let just say that, it is just that month of the year when ‘the animal’ in me comes out. But unlike the bears though, mine only lasts for a month. Missus should not complain.


~ by pickholes on September 8, 2009.

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