Chinese opera

MCA really got balls. I have to salute these people. Seriously.

Or maybe I should not though. Probably the so called ‘third force’ has paid the right price to delegates to kick the two jokers ass out.

Whatever it is, I am overwhelmed. It is very un-UMNO. I don’t think the Malays have the balls to do such a thing even with the right money thrown on the table. Tak baik menderhaka!

This Chinese opera will make an interesting read in days to come. I like it.

On Bagan Penang, the result was no surprise to me. We know damn well that little creature is so popular there. They just wanted to win – fuck the suspension and vote-buying grand daddy stories! People forget.

Oh ya, I forgot to mention the open house we hosted over the weekend. It was one heck of a good time I had – meeting old friends and relatives. Though some could not make it, I am happy that most that I invited turned up.

Tak sangka pulak Ifa Sugul has been my blog silent reader…


~ by pickholes on October 12, 2009.

One Response to “Chinese opera”

  1. pls do not use bad words i this article as we are talking the talk of Allah, and should have words which are constructive and careful.

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