Where got?? Singapore can also lah…

I don’t exactly remember when the last time I was in Singapore. Probably many many years ago.

The last time I checked, Singaporean speaks either Chinese or English. But when I was there last weekend, fuck if I know just what lingo they speak, but I swear it was definitely not the English or Chinese that I am familiar with.

Little pipsqueak down there really invented their own language.

The other day when I read that our stoned-faced hallucinated education minister mumbled about implementing the teaching of Science and Mathematics in Bahasa for Year One students in 2011, a year ahead of schedule, I was just so glad.

At least we get to teach our kids appropriately and effectively the subjects of science and mathematics in Bahasa or vernacular languages, and English language in English class proper.

If the standard of English among our kids is deteriorating as what they’re saying now, just figure something out to improve the English lesson – improving the teaching approach, adding tools, getting better qualified teachers or whatever ways rather than opting for a simpler approach of extending the usage into other subjects. It could screw everything up.

Believe me you ‘Science and Mathematics in English’ advocates out there – if you listen to just how the majority of Singaporeans speak English (assuming they’re speaking English) , you may want to get real serious about getting our kids to be taught by English qualified language teachers. And not just by any science or mathematics teachers who are obviously not trained to use the language to teach.


~ by pickholes on October 21, 2009.

One Response to “Where got?? Singapore can also lah…”

  1. My dear friend, you’r evolving into philosophical nerd since detached from employed-life.I just love with what and how you perceive those thought-provoking-happenings around in malaysia currently.

    I wish the best in yr interview and update me on yr progress.

    great day

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