Pickholes will soon get paid for bitchin’

I read today that Crocs warned the public not to be cheated into buying fake Crocs products. The warning is all over.

Well… I’d say we Malaysian would rather take that warning the other way around though.

We Malaysian just don’t want to be cheated into buying a real Crocs when there are cheap China made Crocs at pasar malam all over the country that look and feel exactly the same but at a fraction of the original price. I mean, don’t we just hate to be cheated this way – having spent 300RM on real crocs only to see an army of apeks and pakciks wearing them at pasar ikan. Just like that…

Anyway, lets get into a more interesting development.

Finaallllyyy…………in a week time, I will be getting back to bending over and kissing asses again. Nothing new though, cuz I have been doing that for the last 20 years.

Don’t worry I won’t bend as low as our renowned dumb columnist Awang-tak-Selamat who would write or do anything to be recognized. I am not as cheap as this BN-worshipped nigga for sure! Who is this fart anyway??

Ok back to my story, a firm has agreed to take me on board – not a bad package after lots of negotiations. Yup, lots and lots of negotiations – my conscience was crystal clear to the fact that I was not gonna haul my ass in a traffic rain forest every morning for peanuts!

My kids are a happy lot when they knew that I will be around (for the time being).


~ by pickholes on October 26, 2009.

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