Yes boss, anything??

Today is already Sunday, a day before I get down on my knees and kiss asses. Cannot wait, I can already smell them from here…

Couple of days ago, I read one old fart suggested the minimum price of a pack of cigarette should’ve been tag at RM30. Now, old wanker here should’ve been tied to a pole and has his balls shot at. He was just speaking out of his pruned ass for sure cuz I don’t think he is so so concern about our health. I mean, for real, do you think he is so concern?? Check out those pigs at nasi kandar restaurants having their late night meals like there’s no tomorrow… veerryyy healthy.

The Star today said ‘Malaysian girls easily duped’. I’d say it is either these bimbos are just downright stupid cheap cunts or Malaysian men have small dicks cuz in most cases we read these sluts were easily con by Africans.

MCA’s unity plan needs time. Yeah right, dumbass criminals up there only realized “Unity” after both were bum out by the people. Now they are talking unity… Unity my ass!

Oh well, semua cari makan.

As for me, I have to pull my shits together and get warmed up for tomorrow.


~ by pickholes on November 1, 2009.

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