My ass is numb

My first day yesterday was not that bad.

Warming my ass up all day doing things at one kiddy desk out in the corner where I was supposed to be sitting. A ‘kindergarten’ spot where I can barely move my ass without knocking on some shits around me. Wtf, am I complaining?? … nah.

At noon I walked to the nearby gym, great place, I’ve never been to such a gym as canggih as this one.

Travelling to work was a bitch though. I think I am gonna get old in the car. Imagine, an hour in the car driving to work and close to two freakin’ hours driving home yesterday. I was home when my kids were about ready to go to bed!

Shits like this get me thinking though.

I am sure there are other fuck-if-I-know ways to live our short life. I mean, getting the best of both worlds – making good money yet getting all the luxury of time to spend with your love ones. Wait, before you guys jump on me on this, I am tellin’ ya, this is no fairy tales, look around and you’ll see there ARE fuckers who live their life like that.

Man….I wish I could figure out how.


~ by pickholes on November 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “My ass is numb”

  1. angkat superbike lah 1, senang pegi/balik keje

  2. Oh yeah…i’ve checked out the ducati monster696, hoo boy, only if i can get my hands on one of these monsters…

  3. bro…u have to cool down…harley?

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