Missus said try DUKE honey…

I can’t even think of what pisses me off more than getting my ass stalled in a massive traffic jam.

Yesterday was another nightmare.

I tried a new route but it turned out worse than the route I took a day before – same shit. It just pissed me off big big time. But the funny part that I noticed was that, when I looked around at other motorists, nobody seemed as fuming-pissed as me though. They all looked so cool as if there was someone kneeling between the gas pedal and the steering giving them a good blowjob… I mean they were so relax and fuckin’ cool with the traffic jam and shit.

I feel like getting out of my car and give these ‘cool’ bastards a good slap for their unspeakable crime of being so cool even in a stalled traffic that hardly moved.

Today, I will try another to see whether I can escape, if not all, a little traffic nightmare.

I don’t know why am I bitchin’ here, fact is, that’s life in KL, and it has been like this for years no matter how good the infrastructure is getting. I guess those ‘cool’ people are so so used to this fact-of-life. As far I can remember, nothin’ changes even with fancy names like DUKE, SPRINT, NPE, AKLEH, LINK and whatnot coming into the picture.

I guess we just gonna have to wait till PUSSY (Projek Utara Selatan Y-interchange), DICK (Duta Inner Circle Kerinchi), SLUT (System Lebuhraya Utara Tengah), BUTTHEAD (Bandar Utama Taman Tun Hingga Damansara) and CUNT (Cheras Utara Nilai Tengah) to come in, hopefully these will ease the traffic a bit.

Oh well…I think I have bitched enough of this shit. Let’s move on, life’s like that.


~ by pickholes on November 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Missus said try DUKE honey…”

  1. Bro, I’ve been thru. Find a place for rent here as the cost of traveling and car maintenance, not including quality time that we lost everyday,is much higher. That’s what I did.. But for u maybe quite hard as your kids schooling. Or, u go to work after subuh, then come back home after 7pm, stay at office or lepak somewhere. Trust me, u will be arriving almost the same time if u shoot from office at 5pm sharp..

  2. hahahah…. looking forward on the new horny hway. btw aku sajes ko naik motor je la…. not RXZ but maybe Mail Said can guide u….

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