Well, it has been quite a while.

Not much from here, life is so so regimented since I started working (really miss my days of fucking around doing nothing, how I wish it could last much much longer…..).

My morning starts damn early. As early as I could possibly can. The thought of getting caught in traffic first thing in the morning is not really in my list of things to look forward to.

So this morning was no exception; I was right in the middle of KL before 7am. Parked my car and went around looking for a nice spot for breakfast and at the same time flipping papers. So far, no favorite spot identified just as yet, still looking.

Office starts at 8.30, yup an hour and half to fuck around. I would rather get in my office than hanging around somewhere else, but the faggot or whoever keeps the key for the office will not be here until 8.00 or 8.15am. Not only the office is locked before that, even the A/C for the whole fucking building is off. Cheap fucking building owner!

We finish off at 5.30pm but nobody seems to finish with whatever fuckin’ business there’re working on at that time though. It is always faces-on-monitors right about that time. So, a cool wanker like me will have to put up with this long stretch of another half an hour before I can fuck off at around 6.00pm.

I think a life like this will cut my life span by may be 50%.


~ by pickholes on November 12, 2009.

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