well, like you care

Can we actually pinpoint an exact turning point in our lives. Frankly I don’t remember mine, or maybe I never ‘turn’ at all.

Anyway, when I was slaving myself all these years like an over-worked whore on weekend night, I had always thought of a defining day when I will finally settle down – work half-baked somewhere and spend more time with the kids.

As it is now, I am still dreaming of those days, and I don’t see them coming any time soon.

Well, maybe there is no such thing. The real world is a place where people work their asses off while kissing others.

Anyway, enough of that worldly crap. The real troubling deal here is I may not last very long here looking at the way things are going on with me now. I am so sick of being where I am now. Nothing on work or shit like that, it is just me – I am turning into a lazy bastard (hey…that’s a turning point!).

My weekdays are as good as gone, and the weekends are too damn short. I am just so fucking capital L.A.Z.Y! The 3 month of unemployment has really done wonders to my morale huh?

Ok lets get down to the many choices that I do have here – quit and relax, move on to something more interesting or just fuck-around. Though the last one seems more tempting, to live my life like that would be just too BN ‘MP’ish (except these people get paid). Seriously, I am thinking of quitting.

Why? fuck if I know. But one thing for sure though, life quality is not all about money.

I am meeting a friend of mine this evening who was and still is keen to get me onboard working on some interesting shit. May be I should revisit the option here.


~ by pickholes on November 17, 2009.

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