Dikir Barat in my mind

You know what they say about Monday..

If Monday blues is a term to express a fucked-up feeling you have after a lovely, lazy two days of weekend, thats a foul underestimate.

It’s unquestionably more than that, no color can describe. If a color is to be applied here, I’d go for a mix of kelabu and taik anjing. Yup, that’s more like it!

Weekend was whooshing just like that, yet good time I had with the kids. A birthday party for my daughter went pretty good, most of her friends that we invited fortunately came, so did our relatives that we invited. I’d say, my daughter was one happy little princess that day.

My junior was no less, but wishing that it was his birthday and his presents instead!

Anyway, 4 days to go before another weekend. May be I should from now on be looking forward to weekend every day. That probably could cheer me up a bit.

Last night, after the kids went to bed, missus and I were up flipping the remote. Nothing interesting till we tuned to TV2, yup TV2, a bored-to-death channel we would rather skip on normal channel flipping ritual. But we were there and watching their program.

A Dikir Barat competition, yup a Dikir Barat, you read that right and it was the final. For the record, the spectators were all well behaved this time.

Interesting, I never knew that a Dikir Barat has all this while evolved into some interesting shit, the last time I watched was like 30 years ago may be. But man … no more of that dull hands-tossing left and right, that was history, they are now into some new choreography style shit!. It was so beautiful with colorful costumes, man, I’d say, they were just way too cool!

More than the presentation though, it was the topic that they were debating that really got me into it, it was about ‘love before or after marriage’. We could hardly understand the tukang karut thick kelate accent though but the whole debate was so comical and entertaining.

Damn interesting!


~ by pickholes on November 23, 2009.

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