What weekend

The weekend went just like that ….

I am sure if you are into astronomy science crap, you’d discover that indeed the earth revolves around the moon faster on Saturdays and Sundays, else how come weekend always goes just like that!

Anyway, if we cannot change the science, for the sake of our future generations, let us pray that one day sometime in the far future, the world will get to its sense on a 2-day week with a 5-day weekend.

On Saturday, missus and I went to Low Yat, doing what 99% of patrons there do – checking out IT gizmos and all.

The place was so sardine-packed with people, I mean with all kinda people (and smells too). If 1Malaysia is all about the Malay, Chinese and Indian, then I would say Low Yat was all about 1Asia – mat Banglas, Arabs and Philippines pun ramai…

My kids were smart enough not to join us, I am glad.

At the end of what was initially planned as ‘tengok tengok aje’, I’ve got myself a real cute netbook and missus ended up poorer with a nice colorful notebook (just for the sake of replacing the old one). This ‘shopping’ and haggling around for the best price took almost the whole afternoon of my precious short weekend. Damn…

That night, a friend invited over for dinner. We were there talking till past midnight – fun though.

And then Sunday came…. argh…


~ by pickholes on December 14, 2009.

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