What engine ?

I thought stealing masking tape and some fancy stationary items in the office store is the biggest crime that could make you feel like a fuckin’ cheap traitor to your own company, I was wrong.

That is so nothing compare to what we have now -we are talking one big ass jet engine for crying out loud here!

God knows just how big these engines are, but if they can fly a jet, I’d say they must be damn motherfucking huge.

With that size in mind, can you imagine just how the two jet engines (and some parts) were sneak out and sold unnoticed under a full guard of our very own arm forces. Hey I am talking arm force here not a band of Bangla dudes manning boxes of mineral water at an ESSO gas station. This is a joke!

Yet, Zahid had the guts to tell the public that the armed forces, including the air force, had a “perfect” inventory audit and record but the perpetrators had found ways to bypass them.

So perfect Zahid…way to go!

I would rather hearing Zam, if he were our Defense Minister, to say that probably the engines fly by itself.

To me, losing the engines and some parts is nothing (its nothing to them too, cuz they can always procure some more and there is always a cut that they could probably work out with some brokers out of a Mongolian land) but, the reputation of our forces is dubiously questionable. The fact that the current PM was the Defense Minister at the time of this case does not help his character either.

December is really a Malaysian sales season. Let see what else is on sale or has been sold.


~ by pickholes on December 23, 2009.

One Response to “What engine ?”

  1. Not just 2 engines,now they are talking bout parts and accessories..I think this might be drug addict punye kerja ni…the good thing is at least somebody’s balls are still there hanging and functioning very well..wacth out, it could be next available on sale

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