This is it …

Well well, aint life great!

After weeks of self inflicted mind torturing, I finally handed over a resignation notice to my boss yesterday.

Fuhh… one heckuva relief. I am quitting, yeah….

Why … fuck if I know. No actually there are reasons and reasons for that, which I don’t feel like writing ‘em here.

End of this month will be my last day.

So, I will soon be doing something that I am best at – nothing.

No actually, I have to start looking for a job again, and it is no fun at all I’m tellin’ ya – I hate interviews and having to act ‘bagus bagus’ – being hypocrite with smiles and shit trying to impress, arghhh…

Life has to go on though (or rather foods have to be on the table at the end of the day).

O well, let see what’s coming my way now.


~ by pickholes on January 20, 2010.

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