If life were that simple, (pass me the KY) I bend over …

As I bitched earlier, every morning I find myself right smack in the middle of KL at around 6.45am. A close to 2 hours before work starts at 8.30.

Damn, I can’t believe I just wrote 6.45!

A 6.45am??? damn.. I should get an award or somethin’ for this man….

Anyway, normally I would spend my 2 long luxury hours at mamak stall flipping newspapers – the free-issued Sun and the Star. And mind you that I don’t just flip but I read or rather practically go through every single line of news, ads and other craps that people by and large don’t even bother to read, like horoscope, lelong or obituaries.

Most dont actually read these, but seriously believe me you , I read all these shits ok.

What I’m trying to pick here is this one kind of ad that I can’t help but notice at every other corner of the page with catchphrases like ‘Making Money at Home’, ‘Forex Millionaire’, ‘Online Millionaire’, ‘Retired and Be a Millionaire’, ‘Trading Smart’, ‘Retire Early’, “free seminars’ and craps like that, some even with a picture of a pimp-face shitheads with a full suit smiling!.

I am just wondering are these shits (including that smiling shitheads) for real??

If it is a scam, how the heck is the modus operandi, and if it is for real, don’t you think we would have retired billionaires all over the country by now.

I just hope that one day someone from the relevant ministry go and find out what these shits are all about.


~ by pickholes on January 21, 2010.

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