If they can make Avatar …

Tun said, if they can make Avatar, the can stage 9/11.

I’d say, on the same principle, if we can make that stupid-fuck ‘Scenario the Movie’, we can anytime come up with a make believe plot bearing out a 63 year old shoving his prick into a 24 year old freak-faggot ass.

Yeah, plan it real good and people will buy it – just like that. It is all about careful planning.

Good luck to all…

p/s. Rot in hell you school drop-out queer shit head…


~ by pickholes on February 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “If they can make Avatar …”

  1. Berlin wall fell down, so did the New York World Trade Centre(WTC). We are actually very much in need of an alternative vehicle and way of doing things…

  2. Ho! so soon dah jadi penganggur?

    & still, kenapa tak update blog selalu now that u’ve a lot of spare time?

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