Lazy dog I am

Yup, now that I am a full time lazy ass, I have loads and loads of time to fuck around just about everything anytime.

I am free!

Nah, truth is I am worry, seriously – gotta find a new job. I’ve been posting out my CV and proposal to almost everywhere but none has really taken the bait yet. There are some though who replied, but who would want to go and work in hellhole places that you can hardly pronounce the names.

Cheap CV…I’ll just have to wait I guess…

By the way, in a week time, I’m planning to get myself real busy with some personal project. Nothin’ grand to aww about though, just some stupid things that I’ve always wanted to get myself into. I guess the time that I have between jobs now is the only time I can actually be into the shit.

Oh well..

Oh ya, before I forget, what’s with our Bayan Baru baboon, and I’m sure pretty soon we’ll hear the same shit coming out from Kulim Bandar Baharu and Nibong Tebal.

Man… how I wish, for once, all these douchebags could just stop playing with whatever poo games that they’re playing and start getting on with real work.

Too much politics make me wanna puke!.


~ by pickholes on February 12, 2010.

One Response to “Lazy dog I am”

  1. Just wondering, which batch were u in MRSM? I’m from seremban, batch 81/85.

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