Our lawmakers Law of Motions

Isaac Newton must have numbed his balls sitting all days and nights to come up with the three general rules about the movement of objects, which we now refer to as Newton’s three laws of motion.

I’d say that’s nothing.

Our man up there came up with just one – the law of money. No shit, regardless on which sides our moronic MPs are sitting, apply the law (sufficiently that is), these idiots could easily move left and right, anytime.

Only this law of motion works with these kind of retards who hardly have a shred of intellectual curiosity. Dirtcheap bastards.

Enough said.

About me now.

Work?..yeah, lets say its coming. When, fuck if I now. Just hope that nobody is gonna starve to death while waiting.

Seriously, I am still looking. There is couple of opportunities that I am still discussing now, just don’t feel like making a rush or bad move that I might regret later.

So in the meantime, I am just going to continue doing what I do best.


~ by pickholes on March 5, 2010.

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