here is my crap…

I know….. it had been quite a while.

Forgot my password too.. it took me quite a while to recall.

I don’t know why but I am just too damn lazy to write. Not that I don’t have anything to write though, in fact there are just about everything around me to bitch about.

Well, life goes on, and in my case it goes as usual, nothing to ape about, the normal day in and day out.

Much that I hate to scribble my piece of crap in here, the Hulu Selangor campaign really stirs me up to say something.

They are saying Zaid drink or rather used to drink like a fish, and already there is a ‘cheap low graded’ superimposed picture of Zaid getting personal with his Jack Daniel.

I’d say, if he said he has repented, I take that as ‘case is closed’. Who are we to judge his past. Come on, if people could trust their beloved Batu Pahat Star to be a President of a major component party in BN, taking Zaid with a past drinking track record, I’d say, is nothing.

Enough of that, while I am at this, just to update what’s going on with pickholes all this fucking while. Well, not much really. Work is still not anywhere in sight though, but I am trying, hard that is!

There are actually works out there, but I have to turn them down, as now that I realized life is not all about working your ass off from 6.45am to 7.00pm e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y.

I am looking at thing quite differently nowadays. I rest quality of life above all things. Craps like title, rank, designation, status and shit like that are like fatal venom given to you to seep in your blood wearing down the way you look at quality of life – ok not all but most of the time. But lets not get into this, each of us has our own approach to live our life with our love ones. Mine, I do it mmmyyyyy waaaayyyyy……


~ by pickholes on April 19, 2010.

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