Good morning sirrrr…

A friend of mine buzzed me a while ago asking what the hell am I doing here. Well, I said, man.. I am working here, what you think I am doing here, shooting a film on a train!

It has been a week, and I haven’t really got the chance to check the place out, I mean the town or city or whatever you wanna call this shithole is. So I don’t really know whats out there. I walk to the office, cuz it’s a 5 to 10 minutes walk. Getting here on wheels will only take more time, so I told the office, nah.. forget the driver, I’ll walk. Besides, I love morning strolling.

Oh yeah morning stroll… with a fresh aroma of green slimy cow dung, some fuck-if-know shits splattered here and there, dusts and carbon monoxide – how refreshing!

The toughest part of walking to the office is when it comes to crossing the road. Oh boy, have I been so lucky all these past couple of days. That stop-halfway-Chow Kit style road crossing will definitely not gonna work here, its either don’t cross you no-balls-fool or cross with all your might at one go. Seriously, no shit. (btw, I’m gettin’ good at this)

Oh well, I am kickin still. Life goes.


~ by pickholes on August 12, 2010.

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