Missing home

15th day of puasa, man, that’s fast.

I am sure by now, radio stations have started hitting that nostalgic mintak-mak-kuih-sepotong raya song, and the malls must have started hanging those boring typical ribbon ketupat (wonder when are they gonna come out with something more creative).

Or may be not yet. Oh well..

Yesterday afternoon, I’ve finally found a decent supermarket of Hero equivalent somewhere around here. I knew it, there must be a mini market of sort somewhere around here. So the place is actually not that far from my office or hotel. A five minute walk (add a minute or two depending on how thicken your shoes are getting with mud and shit. So I went there and got myself things that I had been planning to buy. Cool.

So last night, I was chill and zone out lying on the bed watching tv and munching chips. Eating chips on the bed with crumbs all over…bet you can never do this in any life – chips, tv, bed and drinks within reach – that’s like haven to us man (off course minus the sex goddess dangling finest grapes to your gasping mouth). The last time I did this was during my college days.

Anyway, I am in my third week now, away from home, and truth is I have started flipping diaries checking out dates to take time off. I miss the kids (and missus for obvious reason) very much.


~ by pickholes on August 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Missing home”

  1. Salam bro… be tough man… you’ll be home soon… ghayo x dapek balik ko?

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Bro (28th Aug 2010). Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki dan sentiasa sihat-walafiat. Buka acct facebook satu lah. Sng skit nk keep in touch…

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