Happy Birthday

Hey that wasn’t bad at all, with a bouquet of flowers, candles, cake and dinner on the house, who is bitchin’.

Two days ago was my birthday actually, and the hotel staffs were very thoughtful to have brought me a bouquet of flowers and a candle lit cake that night. I was as usual half naked after seven when i heard a knock at the door, and …there they were right in front of the door all smiles and sweet with a cake and flowers singing a happy birthday. I was touched, seriously (but I am still rock!!).

Invited them in, cut the cake and there, another birthday song for me…wish they would’ve sung in Hindi that would be really something.

The hotel offered a movie ticket and city sightseeing on the following day, but I politely turned it down as I could do with much needed rest on Sunday.

People here are just so wonderfully nice…

Missus and the kids sms’d their beautiful wishes, love you all too! Keep all that big presents warm till I get home kids!

One of my daughters birthday was yesterday and missus birthday is in a couple of days (yes, I remember this). We normally celebrate together if I happen to be around. SMS my daughter yesterday, she sounded happy (or rather relieved) as she has just finished her big trial exam. Good luck for the big exam girl!


~ by pickholes on August 31, 2010.

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