Makan tanggung berak cangkung…

Makan tanggung berak cangkung…

… is not always as good as it literally says though. If it goes on and on like that, same shit day in and day out, you’ll finally get sick of it.

In my case- it’s the food! I am getting sick to my stomach of the shits I’ve been eating. Yesterday was the climax, I was totally out. Luckily the hotel is not far from my office or else I would’ve shit may pants, big time!

Now the very mention of anything masala could anytime make me wanna puke. No shit.

Last week I thought I would’ve gotten a break when my bro was scheduled to be here for a meeting before going on board the rig. So missus packed all that I needed for him take along. But a last minute change fucked everything up. He went straight to the rig.

There.. went my ration.


~ by pickholes on September 18, 2010.

One Response to “Makan tanggung berak cangkung…”

  1. i like hehe

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